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Community Spotlight: Reflecting on the YMCA Gala (Brooklyn YMCA)

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

As a proud board member of the Flatbush YMCA in Brooklyn, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Greenpoint YMCA's annual fall gala. This event, held on the Waterfront in South Williamsburg, was a vibrant celebration of the rich history and promising future of the Y, and by extension, the communities we serve in Brooklyn. 

The Gala shone a spotlight on some extraordinary women and civic leaders such as Elaine Brodsky and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez. Their unwavering commitment and contributions to the community have been instrumental in supporting and advocating for the YMCA. Their efforts have ensured that the Y continues to be a vital resource for people of all ages in our neighborhoods and has enabled a wealth of programs benefiting everyone from children to seniors, encompassing activities like swimming, after-school programs, and fitness classes.

A Commitment Beyond the YMCA

Listening to Kendall Charter, the president of the Greenpoint Y, I was reminded of the YMCA's enduring commitment to community support, a value that resonates deeply with both my work at the YMCA and in other endeavors. The upcoming River Ring facility promises new opportunities for wellness and connection, further enhancing our vibrant community fabric. The evening was a beautiful testament to the collaboration and camaraderie that exists within our organization.

The YMCA's ethos of nurturing and supporting diverse groups parallels my approach to real estate and others – where every interaction is an opportunity to build and strengthen our community.

The gala was a beautiful reminder of our community's strength and potential. I look forward to continuing to serve and support our neighborhoods, both through my role at the YMCA and my other initiatives.

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