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Fashion Week New York - Fashion Runs in the Family

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

For over 20 years my father owned a custom design & tailoring shop in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, NY. A hub of creativity, which became popular for its unique and bespoke pieces. Who knew this would be my gateway into the world of fashion and the reason I found myself combing through different fabrics, surrounded by designers and much more. Those days of wandering the garment district laid the foundation for a profitable side gig. By the time I was 16, I branched out and began reselling exclusive sneakers and apparel as a hobby. Later as my network within the fashion community, evolving my hobby into personalized shopping and styling experiences for those who were a part of that culture.

Fast forward to now, the atmosphere of the city every year during Fashion Week never ceases to amaze me. I was thrilled to not only attend but also sit alongside the runway of some great fashion shows. The fusion of art, music, and fashion is an experience like no other. The launch parties and events were equally exhilarating and personally my favorite, especially attending the Hot 97 The Beat show. Each year there is always a twist, from sharing moments with industry peers, stylists, and friends. Watching performances from legends like Fat Joe and Bun B, and celebrating with others has always made this week fun and unpredictable. It is even more special to celebrate one of my client's product launches and witness their vision come to life. Although my transition into real estate might seem to be on the opposite spectrum from the fashion industry, the two are exactly the same for me. An eye for detail, understanding trends, and catering to individual tastes— are essential skills honed in the world of fashion— that serve me well in real estate. Whether it's keeping up with the latest fashion trends or providing tailored real estate service, I am driven by the same commitment and passion. Every stitch in fashion and every brick in real estate tells a story. This is just a glimpse of mine. Please like, comment, or share and stay tuned for more updates. Until then, keep it stylish and stay inspired!


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