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24 Hours in DC: A Day to Remember!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Breaking away from NY's skyscrapers, I recently explored the historic lanes of Washington DC. Want a detailed rundown of my 24 hours in DC? I recently left the familiar streets of NY and found myself boarding an Amtrak train to Washington DC. I've had Washington DC on my list of nearby places to visit, but this trip wasn’t just for sightseeing; it was to celebrate a good friend's birthday, so I finally made it happen. The ticket was an absolute bargain for just $30, and in just three short hours, I was in the historic city.

There’s no snoozing when you only have 24 hours in Washington DC. I had an early start and went to Yardbird restaurant for brunch. I went with their brioche French toast, a side of bacon, and some fresh fruit. They are well known for their chicken and waffles so I also had to try them before seeing the city. I started with the National Mall. The long stretch has iconic monuments, including the Washington Monument. From the monumental Capitol building to the intricate details of the various landmarks and inspiring architecture, there are many captivating sights. And of course, while I was in town I couldn't miss the opportunity to see an incredible art piece on display at the Smithsonian Museum, which happened to be the work of another friend of mine from Brooklyn. As evening rolled around, it was time for the main event! - the birthday celebration! My friend had reserved a spot at Focus a Corporate & Private Events Restaurant Venue. Let me paint you a picture: the space had a great vibe, with soft lighting, live music, and a lively crowd. Finally, as midnight approached the whole lounge joined us as we made a toast and sang "Happy Birthday." We danced, laughed, and celebrated like there was no tomorrow.

24 hours in DC, packed with sights, food, and friends made this trip unforgettable and I'll be back soon. Whether it's a day trip, a birthday bash, or a week-long vacation, DC is a city that never disappoints.


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